About E Patterns

What is an e-Pattern?
An e-Pattern is a complete pattern packet available to you as an immediate download. After payment is received, you will be able to access all the information for a specific pattern design. Within a short period, you may print this information (i.e., photographs, written instructions, and line drawing) to complete an entire design.

What comes in an e-Pattern?
You will find all the traditional items you're used to finding within a standard pattern packet such as illustrations, written instructions, layout guides and templates.

Do I need special software to print out my e-Pattern?
Alll e-Patterns are available in pdf format and you will need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view and print them. If you don’t have the Adobe Reader installed, click here to get your free copy.  Make sure the view is set at 100%; otherwise, the pattern will not be the right size when you print it out.  You will find the view % at the bottom left hand side of your screen.

How do I access my e-Pattern?
Once you have paid for your purchase and your payment has cleared, you will receive an email message with your download link included.

What are the benefits of purchasing an e-Pattern?
The main advantage is being able to have your pattern immediately. You won't have to wait 2 - 5 days for the mail, but will be able to download your pattern as soon as your payment is processed.
Another advantage is the clear, crisp images that you'll have access to, and the increased amount of illustrations which are available. In traditional packets, the number of pictures and graphics has to be kept to a minimum; otherwise the packet cost becomes prohibitive. E-Patterns will contain more for the same amount of money.
There is no shipping & handling charge for an e-Pattern. Your packet cost IS all the cost.

Are there disadvantages to purchasing an e-Pattern?
E-Patterns work great for anyone with good printer equipment. If your printer does not give you clear, crisp, quality images, then you may want to consider NOT purchasing an e-pattern. We are not responsible for the quality of your packet results based on printing capabilities, or the inability to print due to mechanical error.

Can I use my e-Pattern to teach a class? Am I allowed to share it with a friend?
E-Patterns are like any other design publication and the rules of copyright remain the same. No design may be reproduced in any way, mechanical or otherwise, without written permission from the designer. When you wish to utilize any of our designs, you must first purchase packets for each student.