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When you enroll in one of my BoM or BoW projects I also send you a Dropbox invite to the shared folder. This is an alternative means for download. If you do not already have a Dropbox account your can sign up for their Basic Free
You MUST have a Dropbox account to take advantage of this feature.
After you have received your invite the shared folder will show in your account, with a message saying I have invited you.

Click on the invite message. A pop up will appear prompting you to Add to Dropbox. This action is what puts the folder access in your account, so PLEASE click on it :)

Now that the shared folder has been added to your account it shows in your folder list. Click on the folder to view the contents.

Inside the folder you will see all of the files that have been shared to date. New files are added per the release dates of the project. Hover your mouse over the file you need and click OPEN

You are now viewing that file. Click on OPEN and then DOWNLOAD.
The file will then save to your device.