This is a Block of the Month project.
That means each month you will recieve a block to complete during that month. The project will finish with enough time to finish your quilt in time for the holidays and gifting. You can follow along and stitch with others in the FatCat Facebook Group or stitch on your own. Reminders and assistance will be shared in the group.
There is a one time fee to register and join. There is no monthly fee.
Your download link will be automatically emailed to you each month.
It is your responsibility to confirm your email is accepting the messages.
If you are joining late, any blocks you have missed are included.
Files will remain available for the duration of the project and will be replace with the complete pattern file upon completion of the BoM.

Release Dates:

Block # 1 - December-1-2020
Block # 2 - January-1-2021
Block # 3 - February-1-2021
Block # 4 - March-1-2021
Block # 5 - April-1-2021
Block # 6 - May-1-2021
Block # 7 -June-1-2021
Block # 8 - July-1-2021
Block # 9 - August1-2021
Block # 10 - September-1-2021


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